Usability and functionality of websites of commune offices as stimulants of sustainable development of e-government

Agnieszka Agata Tomaszewicz, O. Dębicka, W. Rogula-Kozłowska, P. Rogula-Kopiec
2018 SHS Web of Conferences  
Sustainable development of e-government should be based on facilitating the meeting of society's needs, mostly through enhancing access to information and providing public services which can be realized through the Internet, which is especially important in the time of dynamic increase in the number of its users. Creating useful and functional websites of offices, which will fully allow the enjoyment of benefits coming form new technologies, is an indispensable condition of this realization.
more » ... to the above, research has been conducted the subject matter of which was the assessment of the content of the websites of commune offices of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship in the context of adjusting them to the needs of local communities. The websites of the offices were analyzed in terms of their usability, functionality and the level of advancement of selected selfgovernment e-services, where the criterion was, i.a. the substantial content, accuracy, technical and ergonomic quality. The results of the conducted research show that creating websites allowing smooth implementation of electronic services, employing standardized procedures related to the process of providing services makes the office more transparent and thus more citizen-friendly. This will also allow the improvement of the quality of their life as result-wise improvement of administrative serving the society thanks to offering an additional way of carrying out public services. These actions need to be recognized as an indispensable condition for enhancing the efficiency of e-government contributing to its sustainable development. development, i.e. economy, society and the environment. The essence of administration is to a large extent based on satisfying the numerous and changing needs of citizens, which most often occurs through the provision of public services. In the presented service approach, an important element of standardization is the creation of a coherent architecture of administration systems that allows for efficient carrying out of electronic services. Standardization of procedures related to the process of providing services makes the office more transparent and thus more citizen-friendly. Therefore, it is important to create an efficient, effective, operational and open system architecture, which already at the software development stage must be focused on carrying out public services. Satisfying citizens' needs thus becomes important in the process of designing a new architecture of e-government services. The usability and functionality of websites of offices is a major contributor to the increase in the number of e-government users, affecting the improvement in providing public e-services. Their online availability improves the quality of life of citizens, which in turn is the essence of sustainable development of e-government and its basic determinant. The idea of sustainable development of e-government should therefore be based on assumptions aimed at facilitating the implementation of society's needs, including access to information. The necessary condition for this implementation is the use of websites that should provide the user with content tailored to his needs in a functional and useful manner.
doi:10.1051/shsconf/20185701029 fatcat:3kwiljk3kzcthocdairsgadiai