Universal trend for heavy-ion total reaction cross-sections at energies above the Coulomb barrier

O A P Tavares, E L Medeiros, V Morcelle
2010 Physica Scripta  
Heavy-ion total reaction cross section measurements for more than one thousand one hundred reaction cases covering 61 target nuclei in the range 6 Li-238 U, and 158 projectile nuclei from 2 H up to 84 Kr (mostly exotic ones) have been analysed in a systematic way by using an empirical, three-parameter formula which is applicable to cases for projectile kinetic energies above the Coulomb barrier. The analysis has shown that the average total nuclear binding energy per nucleon of the interacting
more » ... of the interacting nuclei and their radii are the chief quantities which describe the cross section patterns. A great number of cross section data (87%) has been quite satisfactorily reproduced by the proposed formula, therefore total reaction cross section predictions for new, not yet experimentally investigated reaction cases can be obtained within 25 percent (or much less) of uncertainty. 25.60.Dz,
doi:10.1088/0031-8949/82/02/025201 fatcat:dxtvu64o3rh65egdroyfftqguy