A comparative reading of academic discourses (I)

Silvia-Adriana Tomescu
The academic discourse as specific and specialized language, occurs in a formal space. We intend to illustrate that it is distinctive not only through a specific syntax but also through a specific semantic, which imposes norms of sense supposed to legitimate a kind of knowledge. Its main characteristic is the use of concepts of a certain generality as synthesis and integrity of the expression. Another characteristic which we intend to underline through comparative reading is the inter and trans
more » ... the inter and trans disciplinary dimension which both legitimate an authentic academic discourse. In this regard, new problems about the pertinent and coherent delivery and understanding of academic discourse rise. As showed in its etymology, academia is the place where the various scientific communities meet and research, it is a place of conventionalism, marked by a specific language and style and that is the perspective that our comparative reading aims to underline. The academic discourse has as specific purpose-to persuade; it operates through specific concepts and aims at understanding and applicability to social life. We intend to analyze the academic discourse as: (a) didactic speech, transmission of knowledge; (b) Inaugural speech; (c) reception speech in Academia.