Morphotypes of Mycorrhizal Fungi of Vanda Species

Senthilkumar. S. R, Joelri Michael Raj. L, Gomathi. G
2016 IRA-International Journal of Applied Sciences (ISSN 2455-4499)  
<div><p>Mycorrhizal association is known to be important to orchid species and a complete understanding of the fungi that form mycorrhizas is required for orchid ecology and conservation. Vanda is a widespread orchid in Eastern and Western Ghats of India. Previously, we found the genetic diversity of this species has been reduced recent years due to habitat destruction and fragmentation, but little was known about the relationship between this orchid species and the mycorrhizal fungi. The
more » ... tonia-like fungi are the commonly accepted mycorrhizal fungi associated with orchids. In this study, morphotypes of the Rhizoctonia-like fungi associated with Vanda species were investigated. Among the endophytic fungal isolates obtained, Rhizoctonia-like fungi were identified based on morphological characters and further conformations can be done through molecular methods.</p></div>
doi:10.21013/jas.v3.n3.p6 fatcat:oqbzophmffcaxhkfj6xyymbs5a