Benchmarking Quantum Computers: The Five-Qubit Error Correcting Code

E. Knill, R. Laflamme, R. Martinez, C. Negrevergne
2001 Physical Review Letters  
The smallest quantum code that can correct all one-qubit errors is based on five qubits. We experimentally implemented the encoding, decoding and error-correction quantum networks using nuclear magnetic resonance on a five spin subsystem of labeled crotonic acid. The ability to correct each error was verified by tomography of the process. The use of error-correction for benchmarking quantum networks is discussed, and we infer that the fidelity achieved in our experiment is sufficient for preserving entanglement.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.86.5811 pmid:11415364 fatcat:mgxvzhfkvng37beq2rorgxo4mi