1999 Language Teaching  
Reading distance (LD) antecedent as well as a local one. Another property of the long-distance reflexives is subject orientation. However, reflexives in English allow both subject NPs (noun phrases) and object NPs as their antecedents. The results of the study suggest that first language (LI) transfer occurs in second language (L2) acquisition of the Chinese reflexive ziji. However, not everything can be explained by LI interference. It is found that: it is much easier for Japanese than for
more » ... ish speakers to acquire the LD binding of ziji; binding of ziji is asymmetric in finite and non-finite clauses in English speakers' L2 grammars of Chinese; acquiring subject orientation of ziji is problematic for both English and Japanese speakers, and no implicational relationship is found between LD binding of ziji and subject orientation of ziji; and LD binding of ziji entails LOC binding of ziji, and also generally entails no LD object binding. Implications of these findings are discussed.
doi:10.1017/s0261444800014014 fatcat:laoavrzlxreijckgmjoclwybs4