Prediction of the Effects of Missense Mutations on Human Myeloperoxidase Protein Stability Using In Silico Saturation Mutagenesis

Adebiyi Sobitan, William Edwards, Md Shah Jalal, Ayanfeoluwa Kolawole, Hemayet Ullah, Atanu Duttaroy, Jiang Li, Shaolei Teng
2022 Genes  
Myeloperoxidase (MPO) is a heme peroxidase with microbicidal properties. MPO plays a role in the host's innate immunity by producing reactive oxygen species inside the cell against foreign organisms. However, there is little functional evidence linking missense mutations to human diseases. We utilized in silico saturation mutagenesis to generate and analyze the effects of 10,811 potential missense mutations on MPO stability. Our results showed that ~71% of the potential missense mutations
more » ... ilize MPO, and ~8% stabilize the MPO protein. We showed that G402W, G402Y, G361W, G402F, and G655Y would have the highest destabilizing effect on MPO. Meanwhile, D264L, G501M, D264H, D264M, and G501L have the highest stabilization effect on the MPO protein. Our computational tool prediction showed the destabilizing effects in 13 out of 14 MPO missense mutations that cause diseases in humans. We also analyzed putative post-translational modification (PTM) sites on the MPO protein and mapped the PTM sites to disease-associated missense mutations for further analysis. Our analysis showed that R327H associated with frontotemporal dementia and R548W causing generalized pustular psoriasis are near these PTM sites. Our results will aid further research into MPO as a biomarker for human complex diseases and a candidate for drug target discovery.
doi:10.3390/genes13081412 pmid:36011324 pmcid:PMC9407467 fatcat:aigfc3lg2jbn5lpkg64zfw7fva