High-Intensity Laser-Driven Oxygen Source from CW Laser-Heated Titanium Tape Targets

Kotaro Kondo, Mamiko Nishiuchi, Hironao Sakaki, Nicholas P. Dover, Hazel F. Lowe, Takumi Miyahara, Yukinobu Watanabe, Tim Ziegler, Karl Zeil, Ulrich Schramm, Emma J. Ditter, George S. Hicks (+5 others)
2020 Crystals  
The interaction of high-intensity laser pulses with solid targets can be used as a highly charged, energetic heavy ion source. Normally, intrinsic contaminants on the target surface suppress the performance of heavy ion acceleration from a high-intensity laser–target interaction, resulting in preferential proton acceleration. Here, we demonstrate that CW laser heating of 5 µm titanium tape targets can remove contaminant hydrocarbons in order to expose a thin oxide layer on the metal surface,
more » ... al for the generation of energetic oxygen beams. This is demonstrated by irradiating the heated targets with a PW class high-power laser at an intensity of 5 × 1021 W/cm2, showing enhanced acceleration of oxygen ions with a non-thermal-like distribution. Our new scheme using a CW laser-heated Ti tape target is promising for use as a moderate repetition energetic oxygen ion source for future applications.
doi:10.3390/cryst10090837 doaj:593945bde5fd4169bc8d288620a43873 fatcat:urlmu52f35dnlbfmkvyqzdk26u