C. J. Bond
1930 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. I M DICAL JOURNALL re1)rorluce tile syN7i-1toiua.ltologv of iulc-ativ-e colitis. I have givell the distiMctive features in miiy article. When the possilbility of ulerioative colitis has bceen tbus excluled1, sigmoidoscopy may be used to (liagnose drcliii(olill from otlel conlditions. I't is ilis mistaken a ;i-g eiit hlc }lii hi-as been used as the stroiigest sutpport for sigmoidoscopy,. Tlie otlher arugumienits for the uise of sigmoidloseopy allI deal with velry
more » ... r'are conlitions-for exlample, pr'ilmly tiiberCIilosis of the initestinie or amoeboic dvsenitery in persoas who have nie-evr beeni ouit of Enigland(I and(l whlo pass nio amoebic cysts.
doi:10.1136/bmj.1.3605.259 fatcat:ktn5mu5oo5effkis4dlkks4nk4