A Pilot Study of Speech and Pen User Interface For Graphical Editing

Karl Schmidt
As computer size continues to decrease and new user interface technologies become more ubiquitous, the conventional keyboard and mouse input interfaces are becoming harder to design into newer machines and less practical for use in some applications. The pen is one input technology more suited for the upcoming generation of smaller computers using direct manipulation interfaces. However, a pen-only user interface relies on continuous gesture and handwriting tecognizers that are often slow,
more » ... re often slow, inaccurate, and error prone for command and text entry. Speech recognition is an input modality that can input commands quickly and potentially be a fast text entry mechanism, but lacks the capability of direct object manipulation and has inaccurate recognition. The combination of both pen and voice input should complement each other for direct graphic manipulation applications. This thesis compares the speed, usability, user-friendliness, and accuracy of a pen-only graphical editor against a pen-with-speech graphical editor. Two versions of a graphical editor were developed which have the same functionality. One is controlled by pen input alone and the other is controlled by... Read complete abstract on page 2.
doi:10.7936/k77942xz fatcat:eiaanxufmvcyncnkd2444qrfta