Original Article Noise exposure could increase the mortality of coronary heart disease: evidence from a meta-analysis

Wei Miao, Lei Wang, Ying Cui, Feng Zhang, Shuya Wang, Nan Liu, Guohai Su, Xiaojun Cai
2016 Int J Clin Exp Med   unpublished
Purpose: Quantification of the association between noise exposure and risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) mortality is still conflicting. Thus, we conducted a meta-analysis summarizing the evidence from epidemiological studies to assess the association between them. Methods: Pertinent studies were identified by a search of PubMed and Web of Knowledge up to October 2015. The random effect model was used. Sensitivity analysis, subgroup analyses and publication bias were conducted. Results: Eight
more » ... studies (6 cohort studies and 2 case-control studies) involving 23,749 CHD deaths were used in this meta-analysis. Pooled results suggested that highest noise exposure level versus lowest level was significantly associated with the increased risk of CHD deaths [summary RR=1.21, 95% CI=1.05-1.40, I 2 =37.5%], especially in European populations [summary RR=1.14, 95% CI=1.01-1.30]. The associations were also found in the cohort studies and in the subgroup analysis of the method to assess noise by modeling. Conclusions: Our analysis suggested that highest levels of noise exposure might increase the risk of CHD deaths, especially in European populations. As most of the current studies were from the Europe, additional studies are needed from other geographic locations and any further studies should adjust for more confounding factors.