Two cases of accidental swallowing during dental treatment of crown restoration

Kazushi Kunimatsu, Atsushi Fujimoto, Noriyuki Endoh, Masayoshi Kozuka, Kouichi Abe, Tomohiro Settai, Teruyuki Yanagawa, Yoshiki Sugiyama, Takashi Yaegashi
2004 Dental Journal of Iwate Medical University  
Case 1 :A72 − year − old rnale swallowed the full cast crown of the lower left second molar during atrial fitting , An abdominal X − ray film revealed that it was lodged in the stomach . From the findings of another abdominal X − ray film taken six days after the accident , the foreign body had disappeared without any complications , indicating its natural excretion . Case 2 : A44 − year − old male swallowed the inlay of the upper left second premolar during fitting . Observation of an
more » ... X − ray film showed the existence of the inlay in the stomach . Three days after the swallowing , it was confirmed by the patient that it was discharged from his body with his feces with no comphcations . It should be noted that both taking a chest and / or abdominal X − ray fi ! m and having an examination by a medical specialist , lf possible, is considered better procedure in the case of accidental swallowing and aspiration during dental treatment .
doi:10.20663/iwateshigakukaishi.29.2_140 fatcat:5mtc3jbhozgf5jlodgddrtd5om