Two proposals for the inclusion of directory information in the last-level private caches of glueless shared-memory multiprocessors

Alberto Ros, Ricardo Fernández-Pascual, Manuel E. Acacio, José M. García
2008 Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing  
In glueless shared-memory multiprocessors where cache coherence is usually maintained using a directory-based protocol, the fast access to the on-chip components (caches and network router, among others) contrasts with the much slower main memory. Unfortunately, directory-based protocols need to obtain the sharing status of every memory block before coherence actions can be performed. This information has traditionally been stored in main memory, and therefore these cache coherence protocols
more » ... far from being optimal. In this work, we propose two alternative designs for the last-level private cache of glueless shared-memory multiprocessors: the lightweight directory and the SGluM cache. Our proposals completely remove directory information from main memory and store it in the home node's L2 cache, thus reducing both the number of accesses to main memory and the directory memory overhead. The main characteristics of the lightweight directory are its simplicity and the significant improvement in the execution time for most applications. Its drawback, however, is that the performance of some particular applications could be degraded. On the other hand, the SGluM cache offers more modest improvements in execution time for all the applications by adding some extra structures that cope with the cases in which the lightweight directory fails. .es (A. Ros), (R. Fernández-Pascual), (M.E. Acacio), (J.M. García).
doi:10.1016/j.jpdc.2008.07.001 fatcat:2ridrw3lsrajjn2hy2vuprlcge