Enantiomers and Their Resolution

Rodrigo Santos, Karen V. Pontes, Idelfonso B. R. Nogueira
2022 Encyclopedia  
Enantiomers share the same chemical formula but have different chemical structures, i.e., type of isomers. Enantiomers are present in several drugs, perfumes, food, and are a fundamental part of biomolecules. This subject is highly important for pharmaceutical companies. Enantiomeric drugs present different actuation in the human body; depending on the compound, one might combat the symptom, whereas its pair might cause damage. The separation of pairs of enantiomers requires a chiral
more » ... that provokes a structural imbalance that conventional methods cannot provide. Enantioresolution is one of the most promissory studies that benefit several areas, such as pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food industry, and fine chemistry. Its resolution is of great importance, therefore, its main mechanisms of resolution will be explained herein.
doi:10.3390/encyclopedia2010011 fatcat:a2cnkdoxknbprivfj4yagntdvy