DRLinFluids---An open-source python platform of coupling Deep Reinforcement Learning and OpenFOAM

Qiulei Wang, Lei Yan, Gang Hu, Chao Li, Yiqing Xiao, Hao Xiong, Jean Rabault, Bernd R. Noack
2022 Physics of Fluids  
We propose an open-source python platform for applications of Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL) in fluid mechanics. DRL has been widely used in optimizing decision-making in nonlinear and high-dimensional problems. Here, an agent maximizes a cumulative reward by learning a feedback policy by acting in an environment. In control theory terms, the cumulative reward would correspond to the cost function, the agent to the actuator, the environment to the measured signals, and the learned policy to
more » ... he feedback law. Thus, DRL assumes an interactive environment or, equivalently, a control plant. The setup of a numerical simulation plant with DRL is challenging and time-consuming. In this work, a novel python platform, named DRLinFluids is developed for this purpose, with DRL for flow control and optimization problems in fluid mechanics. The simulations employ OpenFOAM as a popular, flexible Navier-Stokes solver in industry and academia, and Tensorforce or Tianshou as widely used versatile DRL packages. The reliability and efficiency of DRLinFluids are demonstrated for two wake stabilization benchmark problems. DRLinFluids significantly reduces the application effort of DRL in fluid mechanics and it is expected to greatly accelerate academic and industrial applications.
doi:10.1063/5.0103113 fatcat:mw32a52i6fgq5fayknzina6yju