Impact Of Polyphenols On Cholesterol Esterase Inhibition-A Mini Review

T Kumar, M Aishwarya, K Archana, S Divya, S Lakshmi
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology   unpublished
Cholesterol, one of the most essential components of cell adopted for executing various physiological functions such as maintenance of cell membrane fluidity, synthesis of sex hormones, and bile acid and salt, is synthesized in adequate amount by liver. But, increased level of dietary cholesterol may increase the blood cholesterol level; a precursor for the cause of hypercholesterolemia that leads to various cardiovascular diseases. Pancreatic cholesterol esterase is the major enzyme
more » ... r enzyme responsible for the hydrolysis of dietary cholesteryl esters to free cholesterol that are absorbed by the body. Hence, various mechanisms have been explored to inhibit the cholesterol esterase in order to prevent the entry of dietary cholesterol into the blood and thereby, maintenance of normal homeostasis. One such novel approach is the utilization of plant based polyphenols for the inhibition of the above said enzyme.