Optimized Combination of Spray Painting Trajectory on 3D Entities

Wei Chen, Xinxin Wang, Hao Liu, Yang Tang, Junjie Liu
2019 Electronics  
In this research, a novel method of space spraying trajectory optimization is proposed for 3D entity spraying. According to the particularity of the three-dimensional entity, the finite range model is set up, and the 3D entity is patched by the surface modeling method based on FPAG (flat patch adjacency graph). After planning the spray path on each patch, the variance of the paint thickness of the discrete point and the ideal paint thickness is taken as the objective function and the trajectory
more » ... on each patch is optimized. The improved GA (genetic algorithm), ACO (ant colony optimization), and PSO (particle swarm optimization) are used to solve the TTOI (tool trajectory optimal integration) problem. The practicability of the three algorithms is verified by simulation experiments. Finally, the trajectory optimization algorithm of the 3D entity spraying robot can improve the spraying efficiency.
doi:10.3390/electronics8010074 fatcat:op3pwmvckjfpdfjhgfndss3fi4