Joint Universal Modular Plasmids (JUMP): A flexible and comprehensive platform for synthetic biology [article]

Marcos Valenzuela-Ortega, Christopher French
2019 bioRxiv   pre-print
Complex multi-gene plasmids can be built from basic DNA parts in a reliable and automation friendly way using modular cloning standards, based on Golden Gate cloning. However, each toolkit or standard is limited to one or a few different vectors, which has led to an overabundance of toolkits with varying degrees of compatibility. Here, we present the Joint Universal Modular Plasmids (JUMP), a vector design that overcomes the limitations of current toolkits by expanding the paradigm of modular
more » ... oning: all vectors can be modified using modular cloning in an orthogonal way using multiple cloning sites. This allows researchers to introduce any feature into any JUMP vector and simplifies the Design-Build-Test cycle of synthetic biology. JUMP vectors are compatible with PhytoBrick basic parts, BioBricks and the Registry of Standard Biological Parts, and the Standard European Vector Architecture (SEVA). Due to their flexible design, JUMP vectors have the potential to be a universal platform for synthetic biology regardless of host and application. A collection of JUMP backbones and microbial PhytoBrick basic parts are available for distribution.
doi:10.1101/799585 fatcat:vri3cg3i3fao3hgqy6jze7grjy