Stochastic Resonance Phenomenon of Two-coupled Duffing Oscillator and its Application on Weak Signal Detection

Yongfeng Wu, Shaoping Huang, Weicai Xie
2014 Sensors & Transducers  
By taking two-coupled duffing oscillator system as the research object, the study found under the synergistic effect of weak periodic signal and noise, the two-coupled duffing oscillator system has typical stochastic resonance and even could achieve better output of stochastic resonance than single duffing oscillator. Based on this phenomenon, this paper proposes a new method to detect the weak periodic signal through the stochastic resonance of two-coupled duffing oscillator. The experimental
more » ... . The experimental study indicates that we could achieve excellent detection effect by using the method we mentioned in this paper at low SNR (signal-to-noise ratios), especially, it has excellent filter effect for filtering and shaping of weak square signals and has potential values in the application of digital communications.
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