Features of interest style in autism spectrum disorder people over Adolescence

The Journal of Rehabilitation Psychology  
Circumscribed interest" (CI)of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) may not a negative characteristic. The purpose of this study was to measure and understand the interest style of ASD people. On the basis of preliminary research, an "Interest Style Inventory" was developed, and a questionnaire survey was implemented. Finally, analysis was conducted on 34 participants in the ASD group (26 male, 8 female, MA = 29.0, SD = 9.08) and 774 participants in the typically developed (TD) group (209 male, 565
more » ... male, MA = 20.2, SD = 3.78) . The t-test showed that the TD group scored higher than the ASD group in "exploratory interest" whereas the ASD group scored higher than the TD group in "inquisitive interest." Multi-sample analysis clarified that "exploratory interest" contributed to mental health. The results indicated that it is important to utilize and expand ASD people' s interests.
doi:10.51009/rehapsycho.46.1_1 fatcat:enxj76narzcydeucarvgf3ohhy