Methacrylic polymers bearing side-chain permanent dipole azobenzene chromophores spaced from the main chain by chiral moieties, 3 a Synthesis and chiroptical properties of the homopolymer of (R)-3-methacryloyloxy-1-(4'-nitro-4-azobenzene)- pyrrolidine and of copolymers with the enantiomeric monomer (S)-3-methacryloyloxy-1-(4'-nitro-4-azobenzene)- pyrrolidine

Luigi Angiolini, Loris Giorgini, Elisabetta Salatelli
2003 E-Polymers  
AbstractThe optically active photochromic homopolymer deriving from radical polymerization of the monomer (R)-3-methacryloyloxy-1-(4'-nitro-4-azobenzene)- pyrrolidine, containing a chiral group of one prevailing configuration interposed between the methacrylic moiety and the photochromic azoaromatic chromophore, has been synthesized and characterized. Copolymers with the enantiomeric monomer (S)-3-methacryloyloxy-1-(4'-nitro-4-azobenzene)pyrrolidine have also been prepared in order to evaluate
more » ... order to evaluate the effect on the overall optical activity of side chain chiral groups of opposite configuration in various ratios. The spectroscopic and chiroptical properties in solution of the polymeric derivatives have been assessed.
doi:10.1515/epoly.2003.3.1.480 fatcat:zpp3jlwa7fh5fcurebktsjdkte