Pig herds free from pathogenic Y. enterocolitica - dream or reality?

T. Nesbakken, T. Iversen, B. Lium
2007 International Conference on the Epidemiology and Control of Biological, Chemical and Physical Hazards in Pigs and Pork   unpublished
The results indicate that 15 of the 16 SPF (specific pathogen free) herds exam1ned may be free from Y enterocoftlica 0 :3. In a broad perspective this mvestigation Indicates that it 1s possible to establish cluster of p1g herds free from Y. enteroco/itica 0 :3, and to keep the herds free from the bacteria for many years. According to serological testing, the bas1c herd at the top of this SPF pyramid seem to have been free from this pathogenic variant since 1996. A total of 14 herds are
more » ... negative also by culture. By a systematic work it should be possible to market pork from pigs reared 1n herds documented free from Y enlerocolilica 0 ;3
doi:10.31274/safepork-180809-88 fatcat:ue4t2o4epfcdti2of55ytezhee