Dior's $146 Straws: How Sustainability Becomes Fashion's Business Drive

Manuel Gultom
2021 Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Science and Technology in Administration and Management Information, ICSTIAMI 2019, 17-18 July 2019, Jakarta, Indonesia   unpublished
This paper trying to answer the question of how is the global community responding to the global environment threat? In the business context, the awareness of consuming sustainable products is rising. Consumers' awareness toward the products they are using, whether it's the ingredients or the process of production sustainability has changed the businesses into a 'greener' way of operation. We could see that the two sides (consumer and producer) are trying their best to take care of the
more » ... are of the environment, but in the specific case of Dior the write could also conclude that there is another motive beside sustainability awareness. Dior's product of an expensive set of glass straws could be seen as taking advantage of the trend not to raise awareness but just to bring more and more profits. So the conclusion is that environmental threat could also bring positive impact to globalism, in this context: multinational companies' profit.
doi:10.4108/eai.17-7-2019.2303517 fatcat:fnazehax3nhk5i6yalozqeq6ge