Multivariate Analysis Based on Geochemical, Isotopic, and Mineralogical Compositions of Uranium-Rich Samples

Loretta Corcoran, Antonio Simonetti, Tyler L. Spano, Stefanie R. Lewis, Corinne Dorais, Stefanie Simonetti, Peter C. Burns
2019 Minerals  
The chemical and isotopic (U, Pb, Sr) signatures for a suite (n = 23) of pristine (>80 wt. % UO2) and altered uraninite samples (>70–80 wt. % UO2) from various locations worldwide have been determined for the purpose of identifying potential fingerprints for nuclear forensic analysis. The characterization of the uraninite samples included determination of major, minor and trace element contents, Sr, Pb, and U isotopic compositions, and secondary mineral assemblages. Due to the multivariate
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doi:10.3390/min9090537 fatcat:iijurzge5zbf5mnb3uqwcv4cvq