Vagal chemoreflex coronary vasodilation evoked by stimulating pulmonary C-fibers in dogs

J P Clozel, A M Roberts, J I Hoffman, H M Coleridge, J C Coleridge
1985 Circulation Research  
General Experiments were performed on 23 mongrel dogs (20-43 kg). Eighteen of the dogs were given promazine hydrochloride (25 mg, im) and were anesthetized with thiopen-by guest on July 20, 2018 Downloaded from 157 ± 25 157 ± 25 Data (means ± so) represent values during control period and at peak of reflex response to right atrial injection of 10 MgAg capsaicin. Numbers in parentheses indicate number of dogs. All changes were statistically significant (P < 0.001). by guest on
doi:10.1161/01.res.57.3.450 pmid:4028347 fatcat:2ql34vbuuffj3fe3bzhuvmnzqu