Atomic emission spectroscopy in high electric fields

J. E. Bailey, A. B. Filuk, A. L. Carlson, D. J. Johnson, P. Lake, E. J. McGuire, T. A. Mehlhorn, T. D. Pointon, T. J. Renk, W. A. Stygar, Y. Maron, E. Stambulchik
1996 AIP Conference Proceedings  
Pulsed-power driven ion diodes generating quasi-static, -10 MV/cm, 1-cm scale-length electric fields are used to accelerate lithium ion beams for inertial confinement fusion applications. Atomic emission spectroscopy measurements contribute to understanding the acceleration gap physics, in particular by combining time-and space-resolved measurements of the electric field with the Poisson equation to determine the charged particle distributions. This unique high-field c~m_figuration also offers
more » ... he possibility to advance basic atomic physics, for example by testing calculations of the Stark.shifted emission pattern, by measuring field ionization rates for tightly-bound low-principalquantum-number levels, and by measuring transition-probability quenching.
doi:10.1063/1.51317 fatcat:qhdm4cd63bg7dobuwxhzuutruy