Biomedical Image Registration by means of Bacterial Foraging Paradigm

Hariton Costin, Silviu Bejinariu, Diana Costin
2016 International Journal of Computers Communications & Control  
Image registration (IR) is the process of geometric overlaying or alignment f two or more 2D/3D images of the same scene (unimodal registration), taken r not at different time slots, from different angles, and/or by different image acquisition ystems (multimodal registration). Technically, image registration implies complex optimization of different parameters, performed at local or/and global evel. Local optimization methods often fail because functions of the involved metrics ith respect to
more » ... ansformation parameters are generally nonconvex and irregular, and lobal methods are required, at least at the beginning of the procedure. This paper resents a new evolutionary and bio-inspired robust approach for IR, Bacterial Foraging ptimization Algorithm (BFOA), which is adapted for PET-CT multimodal nd magnetic resonance image rigid registration. Results of optimizing the normalized utual information and normalized cross correlation similarity metrics validated he efficacy and precision of the proposed method by using a freely available medical mage database.
doi:10.15837/ijccc.2016.3.1860 fatcat:yle42hd2arewxdigrsqo7s726y