Kinetic Theory of Symmetry-Dependent Strength in Carbon Nanotubes

Georgii G. Samsonidze, Guram G. Samsonidze, Boris I. Yakobson
2002 Physical Review Letters  
Carbon nanotubes yield to mechanical force by a primary dislocation dipole whose formation energy describes the thermodynamic stability of the tubule. However, the real-time strength is determined by the rate of defect formation, defined in turn by the activation barrier for the bond flip. First extensive computations of the kinetic barriers for a variety of strain-lattice orientations lead to predictions of the yield strength. Its value depends on nanotube chiral symmetry, in a way very different from the thermodynamic assessment.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.88.065501 pmid:11863819 fatcat:edduxfvi6ffl3l7avuoztmk6iq