XAS Characterization of Growth Parameter Effects for Pulsed Laser Deposited CoxTi1xO2 Films

A. Lussier, J. Dvorak, Y. U. Idzerda, S. R. Shinde, S. B. Ogale, T. Venkatesan
2005 Physica Scripta  
Films of cobalt-doped titanium dioxide (Co x Ti 1-x O 2-) can be stabilized in the thermodynamically unfavorable anatase phase if they are grown on appropriate substrates. We performed X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy (XAS) measurements at the oxygen, titanium, and cobalt edges of PLD grown samples. Our data shows the success of this substrate-induced stabilization of the anatase phase occurs only at elevated temperatures (∼700 • C or more) and elevated oxygen partial pressures (∼1 × 10 −5 Torr or
more » ... more). The effects of post annealing in vacuum are also considered.
doi:10.1238/physica.topical.115a00623 fatcat:74b6qfmj25cfpkgcyvqcu2pree