Generalized transfer matrix states from artificial neural networks

Lorenzo Pastori, Raphael Kaubruegger, Jan Carl Budich
2019 Physical review B  
Identifying variational wave functions that efficiently parametrize the physically relevant states in the exponentially large Hilbert space is one of the key tasks towards solving the quantum many-body problem. Powerful tools in this context such as tensor network states have recently been complemented by states derived from artificial neural networks (ANNs). Here, we propose and investigate a new family of quantum states, coined generalized transfer matrix states (GTMS), which bridges between
more » ... he two mentioned approaches in the framework of deep ANNs. In particular, we show by means of a constructive embedding that the class of GTMS contains generic matrix product states while at the same time being capable of capturing more long-ranged quantum correlations that go beyond the area-law entanglement properties of tensor networks. While the state amplitude of generic deep ANNs cannot be exactly evaluated, that of a GTMS network can be analytically computed using transfer matrix methods. With numerical simulations, we demonstrate how the GTMS network learns random matrix product states in a supervised learning scheme, and how augmenting the network by long-ranged couplings leads to the onset of volume-law entanglement scaling. By means of an explicit example using variational Monte Carlo, we also show that GTMS can parametrize critical quantum many-body ground states to a good accuracy. Our findings suggest that GTMS are a promising candidate for the study of critical and dynamical quantum many-body systems.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.99.165123 fatcat:kr4jhlaz2vd2bgfklamqmtlq3a