Three-dimensional CFTs and RG flow from squashing M2-brane horizon

Changhyun Ahn, Soo-Jong Rey
2000 Nuclear Physics B  
Utilizing AdS/CFT correspondence in M-theory, an example of interacting d=3 conformal field theories and renormalization group flow between them is presented. Near-horizon geometry of N coincident M2-branes located on a conical singularity on eight-dimensional hyperk\"ahler manifold or manifold with Spin(7) holonomy is, in large-N limit, AdS4*X7, where X7 is seven-sphere with squashing. Deformation from round $\S_7$ to squashed one is known to lead to spontaneous breaking of N=8 local
more » ... N=8 local supersymmetry in gauged AdS4 supergravity to N=1, 0. Via AdS/CFT correspondence, it is interpreted as renormalization group flow from SO(5)*SO(3) symmetric UV fixed point to SO(8) symmetric IR fixed point. Evidences for the interpretation are found both from supergravity scalar potential and existence of interpolating static domain-wall thereof, and from conformal dimensions of relevant chiral primary operator at each fixed point.
doi:10.1016/s0550-3213(99)00660-4 fatcat:3jbvon66jfgr5m2kkkszaksm7a