Design and Control of Libration Point Spacecraft Formations

Samantha I. Infeld, Scott B. Josselyn, Walter Murray, I. Michael Ross
2007 Journal of Guidance Control and Dynamics  
We investigate the concurrent problem of orbit design and formation control around a libration point. The problem formulation is based on a framework of multi-agent, nonlinear optimal control. The optimality criterion is fuel consumption modeled as the L 1 -norm of the control acceleration. Fuel budgets are allocated by isoperimetric constraints. The nonsmooth optimal control problem is discretized using DIDO, a software package that implements the Legendre pseudospectral method. The
more » ... hod. The discretized problem is solved using SNOPT, a sequential quadratic programming solver. Among many, one of the advantages of our approach is that we do not require linearization or analytical results; consequently, the inherent nonlinearities associated with the problem are automatically exploited. Sample results for formations about the Sun-Earth L2 point in the 3-body circular restricted dynamical framework are presented. Globally optimal solutions for relaxed and almost periodic formations are presented for both a large separation constraint (about a third to half of orbit size), and a small separation constraint (a few hundred km or about 5 × 10 −6 of orbit size).
doi:10.2514/1.18654 fatcat:n2ylidvjdzfbbm7db36kxto4z4