Evaluation of Effects of Centralization and Immigration In Increasing Ecological Footprint of Tehran

Javad Etaat, Ali Akbar Dabiri
2016 geographical researches quarterly journal  
With the formation of centralized system in the country and focus on the cultural and economic capital in Tehran on one hand, and poor investment and utilization of the potentials of the rest of the country on the other hand, Tehran and the surrounding areas have become the main focus of population and immigration. The focus of demographic, economic, educational and other factors in Tehran has created many problems. One of the most important of which, is increasing pressure on the environment.
more » ... n the environment. In the meantime, obviously Tehran has to import massive resources from other regions and export massive amounts of pollution and waste, due to ecological limitations for survival.Therefore, this model of unsustainable development is rapidly extending to the surrounding areas as well.This research has been done by analytic/descriptive method and the used data was collected from valid documents and reports. The main question of the research is: What environmental and security consequences will be followed by centralization and immigration In Tehran Urban region?Attained results from this research show that this increased pressure will be accompanied by unsustainability and environmental disasters and if not addressed, it will result in formation of social, political and security crises.Therefore, it is essential to invest on the potentials and capacities of the rest of the country to balance population density
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