Acceptor Side-Chain Effects on the Excited State Dynamics of Two-Dimensional-Like Conjugated Copolymers in Solution

Ming-Ming Huo, Rong Hu, Wei Yan, Yi-Tong Wang, Kuan Chee, Yong Wang, Jian-Ping Zhang
2017 Molecules  
Ping (2017) Acceptor side-chain effects on the excited state dynamics of two-dimensional-like conjugated copolymers in solution. Molecules, 22 (9). Abstract: Excited state dynamics of two-dimensional-like conjugated copolymers PFDCN and PFSDCN based on alternating fluorene and triphenylamine main chains and malononitrile pendant acceptor groups with thiophene as π-bridge, have been investigated by using transient absorption spectroscopy. There is an additional conjugated -C=C-bond in PFDCN,
more » ... -bond in PFDCN, which distinguishes it from PFSDCN. The lowest energy absorption band of each copolymer absorption spectrum is attributed to the π−π* transition with intramolecular charge-transfer, which has a lower fluorescence contribution than those of higher energy absorption bands. The optical excitation of either PFDCN or PFSDCN solution generates polaron pairs that then self-localize and evolve to a bound singlet exciton within a few picoseconds. Due to the additional conjugated -C=C-bond in the acceptor side-chain, PFDCN has a stronger intramolecular charge-transfer characteristic compared with PFSDCN, therefore exhibiting a longer self-localization time (7 ps vs. 3 ps for PFSDCN) and a shorter fluorescence lifetime (1.48 ns vs. 1.60 ns for PFSDCN).
doi:10.3390/molecules22091398 pmid:28841145 fatcat:he5fkezsh5halmpai5hv72hquu