Effect of wheat gluten and extracted soybean meal added to the diet of cows with different kappa-casein genotypes on the composition and physical properties of milk

Tadeusz Szulc, Magdalena Pawelska-Góral, Małgorzata Bohdanowicz-Zazula, Katarzyna Czyż
2010 Animal Science Papers and Reports   unpublished
The effect of adding wheat gluten or extracted soybean meal (300 g of crude protein/head/day) on milk yield, composition and physical properties, was analysed on 53 Polish Holstein-Friesian cows with different milk kappa-casein genotypes (AA, AB and BB). The addition of wheat gluten to the diet of cows with the AB kappa-casein genotype caused significant increase in fat, crude protein, and casein content of milk, and alpha-casein, beta-casein and kappa-casein yields. It also resulted in an
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