A new facultative anaerobe capable of growth on chlorobiphenyls

1982 Journal of General and Applied Microbiology  
Strain B-206 is a new facultative anaerobe, non flagellated, gram negative rod, able to grow on 4-chlorobiphenyl (4CB) and to degrade it. When this strain was grown on 4CB as sole growth substrate, two types of cultures were obtained; either the culture became pink or yellow with the formation of a black pigment. The cultures turning yellow were the more active ones and they were obtained with a large inoculum size or low oxygen tension. 4-Chlorobenzoic acid (4CBA) was detected in both pink and
more » ... yellow cultures but in much higher concentration in yellow cultures. This compound appeared to be the ultimate metabolite of 4CB in both types of growth since strain B-206 could not grow or degrade 4CBA and that the concentration of 4CBA did not decrease even after the appearance of the yellow compounds. The presence of 4CBA and yellow compounds that differs spectrophotometrically at acid and basic pHs suggest that 4CB is degraded via a meta cleavage between the 1 and 2 position. The absence of any other metabolites than a pink pigment and 4CBA in the pink cultures provides no evidence that in this type of culture
doi:10.2323/jgam.28.61 fatcat:qlzxr55xtngrjpfeskiau4wma4