Thin Film Prepared By Chemical 3 O 2 The optical Properties of Fe spray pyrolysis Deposition (CSP)

Saadi Al-Dahaan, Adel Al-Khayatt, Mustafa Salman, Saadi Al-Dahaan, Adel Omran, Al-Khayatt, Mustafa Salman
2014 JOURNAL OF KUFA-PHYSICS   unpublished
In this work, Fe2O3thin films have been prepared on glass substrate by chemical spray pyrolysis (CSP) technique at temperature 450 o C. Structural and optical properties of Fe2O3 thin films have been investigated and analyzed extensively with respect to deposition time. The XRD results indicate that the structure of all prepared thin films from aqueous solutions FeCl3 were polycrystalline in nature and has a rhombohedral (hexagonal) phase with preferred orientation along (104) plane. The
more » ... grain size values for all prepared films have been found in the range from 76.543 to 83.258 nm , which indicates that all films have been Nano crystalline .The absorbance and transmittance spectra have been recorded in the wavelength range 300-600 nm, which showed that the absorption edges of Fe2O3 thin films differed at different deposition times. The optical band gap for allowed direct transition has been decreased from (2.4813 to 2.449)eV and with increasing deposition time. Moreover, the effect of deposition time on optical constants (absorption coefficient, reflectance, extinction coefficient, and refractive) has been investigated.