Increasing energy efficiency in microencapsulation of soybean oil by spray drying

Nina Katia da Silva James, Luiz Paulo Sousa Castro, Suely Pereira Freitas, Regina Isabel Nogueira
2019 Brazilian Journal of Development  
The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of inlet air temperature of spray drying on microparticles properties and heat loss on drying chamber in sense to select the conditions that promote the preservation of functional compounds and improve energy efficiency. The energy efficiency of the process was evaluated varying inlet air temperature (T) from 110 to 150 °C and airflow (AF) from 20 to 40kg/h, being the energy efficiency, the response variable. The
doi:10.34117/bjdv5n7-036 fatcat:snjnxrlgzjfwvfikg4t5shzcva