B. A. Holloway
1954 New Zealand Entomologist  
The following species of Lepidoptera which occur sporadically in New Zealand have been noted during the 1953-54 collecting season. The specimens captured a r e in the collections of the Dominion Museum. Hypolimnas bolina L. A tattered female specimen of the "Blue Moon" butterfly was captured by F. C. Caughley on 1 6 / 2 / 5 4 in a garden in Tinakori Road Wellington. Danaida chrysippus L. (subsp. petilia Stoll.) One female specimen was caught a t Pukerua Bay, Wellington in early April 1954 by E.
more » ... ly April 1954 by E. Challies. This species is extremely variable in size and colour; the specimen collected was almost perfect with a wingspan of two and a half inches. Precis villida Fabr. One male was captured in Boulcott Street, Wellington in mid-March 1954, by C. A. Fleming. Dr. Fleming reports that this species was common along t h e west coast of Wellington during April 1954. Mr. J. Moreland of the Dominion Museum observed an almost perfect specimen on a clay bank half a mile from the coast of Pukerua Bay, Wellington on 6 / 4 / 5 4 and a tattered specimen on a clay bank in the hills, one mile from the coast a t Pukerua Bay on 19/4/54.
doi:10.1080/00779962.1954.9722726 fatcat:ygjke46v3jdohlnsiknt7buwnu