Flow-induced phase separation in polymer solutions

K. de Moel, E Flikkema, I Szleifer, G. ten Brinke
1998 Europhysics letters  
Flow-induced phase separation in polymer solutions Moel, K. de; Flikkema, E.; Szleifer, I.; Brinke, G. ten PACS. 36.20Ey -Conformation (statistics and dynamics). PACS. 64.70Ja -Liquid-liquid transitions. PACS. 83.50Jf -Extensional and combined flows. Abstract. -A correct description of phase behaviour in polymer solutions requires a coupling between configurational statistics and thermodynamics. The effect of flow-induced chain deformation on the polymer-solvent interaction energy depends on
more » ... nergy depends on the concentration and on the polymer architecture. It will be demonstrated, using thermodynamic arguments, that for linear polymers this may give rise to a large flow-induced demixing. For more complex architectures such as ring polymers and branched polymers, a maximum in the critical temperature vs. flow rate is predicted.
doi:10.1209/epl/i1998-00263-9 fatcat:o44higrd2zfk3cthhrui7afe74