Comparison of REML and MINQUE for Estimated Variance Components and Predicted Random Effects

Nan Nan, Johnie N. Jenkins, Jack C. McCarty, Jixiang Wu
2016 Open Journal of Statistics  
Linear mixed model (LMM) approaches have been widely applied in many areas of research data analysis because they offer great flexibility for different data structures and linear model systems. In this study, emphasis is placed on comparing the properties of two LMM approaches: restricted maximum likelihood (REML) and minimum norm quadratic unbiased estimation (MINQUE) with and without resampling techniques being included. Bias, testing power, Type I error, and computing time were compared
more » ... en REML and MINQUE approaches with and without Jackknife technique based on 500 simulated data sets. Results showed that MINQUE and REML methods performed equally regarding bias, Type I error, and power. Jackknifebased MINQUE and REML greatly improved power compared to non-Jackknife based linear mixed model approaches. Results also showed that MINQUE is more timesaving compared to REML, especially with the use of resampling techniques and large data set analysis. Results from the actual cotton data analysis were in agreement with our simulated results. Therefore, Jackknife-based MINQUE approaches could be recommended to achieve desirable power with reduced time for a large data analysis and model simulations.
doi:10.4236/ojs.2016.65067 fatcat:zyfs252nyneirg6ptsekg5jdy4