ANSYS software based simulation of Four-coil Active Magnetic Bearing

P Biswas, S Banerjee
2012 /IJESM   unpublished
The paper deals with the analysis of 4-coil Active Magnetic Bearing system by the Finite Element Method and the magnetic vector potential formulation. This work proposes an optimal shape and dimensions of the rotor and air gap. This paper also presents how the FEM Analysis can be used to perform the magnetic field analysis in the Active Magnetic Bearing (AMB). This paper reports ANSYS simulation of 4-coil AMB that uses four attraction type magnets are placed in 900 apart from each other. The
more » ... is an integral part of the industrial rotational machine laboratory model. The nonlinear solution of the magnetic vector potential is determined by using the 2-D finite element method. The force is calculated by Maxwell's stress tensor method. The electromagnetic field distribution and density analysis allow verifying the designed AMB and the influence of the shaft and coil current changes on the bearing parameters.