M.N. Kirsanov
2019 №3(43) (2019)  
Statement of the problem. A possible scheme of a flat externally statically indeterminate hinge-bar construction with a console is considered. Rack and console trusses have a periodic structure. The analytical dependence of the truss deformations under various loads on the number of panels in the vertical rack and in the console is deduced. Results. For the three types of loads, the analytical dependencies of the truss on the number of panels, sizes and loads were found using the Maxwell — Mohr
more » ... the Maxwell — Mohr formula. The solution has a polynomial form in the number of panels. When generalizing particular solutions to an arbitrary number of panels, the inductive method and the operators of the Maple computational mathematics system were applied. The distribution of forces in the truss bars and analytical expressions for support reactions are found. Asymptotic properties of the solutions are found. Conclusions. The proposed scheme of a console with a cruciform lattice in the supporting part allows an exact solution of the problem of deflection with arbitrary proportions of the structure to be identified. The resulting formulas are compact and allow us to estimate the rigidity, strength and stability of the structure.
doi:10.25987/vstu.2019.42.2.007 fatcat:vd6s3xku6ncljl32xllbqtih64