Validation of a Pressure Dependent PBX 9501 Cookoff Model [report]

Cuauhtemoc Aviles-Ramos, M. Hobbs
2021 unpublished
A pressure dependent cookoff model for PBX 9501 was developed by Hobbs ' et al. [1]. This cookoff model was implemented in the finite element (FE) heat transfer code Aria [2] and was used to simulate a set of cookoff experiments. This set is called the Large Scale Annular Cookoff (LSAC) experiments [3] . Three dimensional and axisymmetric heat conduction FE models were implemented to simulate these experiments. The predictive ability of the PBX 9501 pressure dependent cookoff model was
more » ... using Latin Hypercube sampling (LHS). Predictions of the thermal times to ignition and temperatures are compared with the experiments.
doi:10.2172/1804308 fatcat:gvygm6aporhjvghq7uhn4wwcd4