Энергетическая система человека как часть природного энергообмена: значение для фундаментальной науки и медицины (часть I)
Human energy system as a part of natural energy exchange: value for fundamental science and medicine (part I)

М.М. Потяженко, Украинская медицинская стоматологическая академия, Полтава, А.В. Невойт, Украинская медицинская стоматологическая академия, Полтава
2019 Ukrainian Medical Journal  
The article continues the cycle of publications about the organization of the human energy system. For the first time, an interdisciplinary review is presented to show the relationship and commonality of the flow of fundamental energy processes in nature and the human body. It is essential for understanding the essence of the course of metabolism in the human body from the standpoint of systemic medicine and proposed by the authors of new magnetoelectrochemical concept of metabolism.
doi:10.32471/umj.1680-3051.133.163161 fatcat:sl5zop4cinhv7ja4eapcr4hieu