Nanofabricated free-standing wire scanners for beam diagnostics with submicrometer resolution

G. L. Orlandi, C. David, E. Ferrari, V. A. Guzenko, R. Ischebeck, E. Prat, B. Hermann, M. Ferianis, G. Penco, M. Veronese, N. Cefarin, S. Dal Zilio (+1 others)
2020 Physical Review Accelerators and Beams  
Results on fabrication and experimental characterization of wire scanners (WS) with submicrometer spatial resolution are presented. Independently fabricated at PSI and FERMI by means of nanolithography, the proposed WS solutions consist of 900 and 800 nm wide free-standing stripes ensuring a geometric resolution of about 250 nm. The nanofabricated WS were tested successfully at SwissFEL where lowcharge electron beams with a vertical size of 400-500 nm were characterized. Further experimental
more » ... ts at 200 pC confirmed the resilience to the heat-loading of the structures. With respect to conventional WS consisting of a metallic wire stretched onto a frame, the nanofabricated WS allow for an improvement of the spatial resolution from the micrometer to the submicrometer level as well as of beam invasiveness thanks to an equivalent reduction of the impact surface of the scanning stripe. The present work represents an important milestone toward the goal-that PSI and FERMI are pursuing-to realize a standard WS solution with minimal invasiveness and submicrometer resolution.
doi:10.1103/physrevaccelbeams.23.042802 fatcat:ie7mitnop5dc5fy2g5ard5n3wi