Integrative Analysis of the Metabolome and Transcriptome Provides Insights into the Mechanisms of Flavonoid Biosynthesis in Quinoa Seeds at Different Developmental Stages

Qianchao Wang, Lan Yao, Qunying Li, Heng Xie, Yirui Guo, Tingzhi Huang, Xuesong Zhang, Junna Liu, Ping Zhang, Li Li, Peng Qin
2022 Metabolites  
Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.) is a crop with high nutritional and health benefits. Quinoa seeds are rich in flavonoid compounds; however, the mechanisms behind quinoa flavonoid biosynthesis remain unclear. We independently selected the high-generation quinoa strain 'Dianli-3260′, and used its seeds at the filling, milk ripening, wax ripening, and mature stages for extensive targeted metabolome analysis combined with joint transcriptome analysis. The results showed that the molecular
more » ... sm of flavonoid biosynthesis in quinoa seeds was mainly concentrated in two pathways: "flavonoid biosynthesis pathway" and "flavone and flavonol biosynthesis pathway". Totally, 154 flavonoid-related metabolites, mainly flavones and flavonols, were detected in the four development stages. Moreover, 39,738 genes were annotated with KEGG functions, and most structural genes of flavonoid biosynthesis were differentially expressed during grain development. We analyzed the differential flavonoid metabolites and transcriptome changes between the four development stages of quinoa seeds and found that 11 differential flavonoid metabolites and 22 differential genes were the key factors for the difference in flavonoid biosynthesis. This study provides important information on the mechanisms underlying quinoa flavonoid biosynthesis, the screening of potential quinoa flavonoid biosynthesis regulation target genes, and the development of quinoa products.
doi:10.3390/metabo12100887 fatcat:yh74hkw3ordx3hpeqc2vjxv4ka