The Impact of State Budget Revenue on Economic Growth: A Case of Vietnam

Hieu Huu NGUYEN, Fundamental Faculty, Audit Training Institute, State Audit Office of Vietnam
2019 Journal of Asian Finance, Economics and Business  
This paper is intended to study the relationship between state budget revenue and economic growth in Vietnam. The ordinary leastsquares regression method is used with secondary data collected from General Statistics Office of Vietnam in the period of 2000-2017. Vietnamese state budget revenue includes domestic revenue (excluding oil revenue), oil revenue, custom duty revenue, and grants. The testing result shows that the state budget revenue has a positive correlation with economic growth of
more » ... onomic growth of Vietnam. However, the components of state budget revenue have different levels of impact on the economy. Domestic revenue and oil revenue are statistically significant and have a positive effect on the economy, while the impact of custom duty revenue and grants on the economy is invisible. Vietnamese state budget revenue should be restructured toward the sustainability and by way of boosting the economy, specifically: (1) Increase the proportion of domestic revenue to state budget revenue and domestic revenue should be based on the ground of production and business activities rather than collection from state-owned assets; (2) Reduce the proportion of custom duty revenue and grants to state budget revenue; (3) Keep the volume and ratio of oil revenue in state budget revenue at an appropriate proportion.
doi:10.13106/jafeb.2019.vol6.no4.99 fatcat:y67kzpd3bzc4hozuqgihtendpu