L-Lactide polymerization by calix[4]arene-titanium (IV) complex using conventional heating and microwave irradiation

Marco Frediani, David Sémeril, Dominique Matt, Fabio Rizzolo, Anna Maria Papini, Piero Frediani, Luca Rosi, Marco Santella, Guido Giachi
2010 E-Polymers  
AbstractSince the first contributions by Gedye and Giguere in 1986, growing attention has been registered on the use of microwave heating in organic synthesis. However still many aspects need to be clarified especially about the so called "microwave effect" and the possible degradation phenomena that may be recognized during polymer synthesis. In this work the complex
doi:10.1515/epoly.2010.10.1.177 fatcat:paegpyypyfhgjintlk7atq57du