Fabricationand Characterization of Organic Capacitors

Md Islam, Afsuraakter Baishakhy, Md Firoz Pervez, Rakibul Hasan, Sardarmasud Rana, Shahana Sultana, Mahbubul Hoq, Mubarak Khan
International Journal Of Advancement In Engineering Technology, Management and Applied Science   unpublished
Aloe vera gel, an environmentally safe and natural biodegradable organic material, is seeking place in green electronics application such as organic thin film transistor organic, light emitting diode, etc. In this experiment, dried small particles found from aloe vera gel have been used as a dielectric material instead of inorganic material in discrete bulk capacitor. First, a four probe station was used to measure the surface resistance of the organic particles derived from aloe vera gel.
more » ... aloe vera gel. Then, using an RLC meter, we observed capacitance, capacitor charging and discharging pattern of the constructedcapacitor. It has been observed that dried aloe vera gel particles in low voltage can be used as a dielectric material in discrete capacitor.